Maryia Bialkovich

WOMAN What is going on there?!

WATCHER Shhhhhh!

Thumping sounds and a soft groan are heard again. Them the thumping continues in silence. 

WOMAN Maybe someone needs help there? 

FLAT OWNER It’s the neighbors. So would you like some more tea? 

Woman gets up from her chair and heads to the door. Flat owner jumps up, blocking the way.  

WATCHER Shhhhhh!

FLAT OWNER It’s the neighbors! Mind your own business (smiles). Maybe you’d like some red tea? With raspberries? 

WOMAN Maybe someone needs help over there?

FLAT OWNER Maybe coffee? I’ve got 3-in-1 instant coffee. 

WOMAN The sound just reminded me of… It was like—


FLAT OWNER Sit down. Feel at home, but don’t forget that you’re a guest (laughs). 

WATCHER (laughs) It’s awful, it’s just awful here. 

WOMAN Why don’t you leave? 

WATCHER (turns around, showing that one of her arms is handcuffed to the radiator) What makes you think I want to stay here?

FLAT OWNER Don’t you think I’m holding her hostage here! She’s got the key in her other hand, but she’s chosen to stay here. She’s standing there and watching what’s going on. 

WOMAN What’s going on? 

FLAT OWNER (shrugs) Injustice. So shall I bring the wine in? 

WOMAN (taking to the Watcher) What’s the point of you watching? 

WATCHER And what’s the point of you watching? 

Sound of footsteps at the staircase, then a series of muffled thumps and several groans can be heard. Then everything goes quiet again.

WOMAN (rushes to get out of the room) What the hell is going on there?!