Maryia Bialkovich

GIRL-FRIEND What’s wrong with the fact that she’s a woman? 

FRIEND He didn’t actually say anything like that. 

SIDEKICK Yeah, I’m just contemplating. (To the Woman) But you do realize that you’re lucky? 

FRIEND Hey, come on!

GIRL-FRIEND Yeah, you’re laying it on a bit thick! 

SIDEKICK Well, what can I do if I have a thick one?

Sitcom laugh track.

SIDEKICK Okay, okay, sorry. I didn’t mean it. Didn’t mean it at all. 

FRIEND (to the Woman) Why aren’t you drinking?

WOMAN (a bit embarrassed) I wanted to ask you, what the hell is mattia latté ? 

Everyone (except the Woman) laughs. Their laughter is complemented by the sitcom laugh track.

FRIEND Macho latté . 

GIRL-FRIEND I admire our ability to laugh at times like these.

WOMAN And in all unclear situations. 

Sitcom laugh track.

WOMAN Do you guys often have such fun? 

GIRL-FRIEND “You guys”, huh!

FRIEND Usually you’re our main cut-up.

GIRL-FRIEND It helps me a lot to laugh. It’s about security. 

Sitcom laugh track.

SIDEKICK It’s another important point, by the way. It’s easier for women to express their feelings. 


SIDEKICK Men keep everything to themselves, they have to stay collected. They bury all their emotions and don’t process them in any way. 

WOMAN Wow, men’s emotions are so much like bottles thrown away in the woods.