Maryia Bialkovich

FLAT OWNER (smiles) It’s the neighbors, don’t worry. Drink your tea and keep talking. 

WATCHER Just don’t scream please. 

FLAT OWNER Yes, better drink your tea instead. Haha, just kidding!

WOMAN Well, it wasn’t exactly screaming. I remember more of a feeling… It’s very stuffy in here, can we open the window?

Flat owner comes to the window and opens it. The rumbling of many human voices can be heard from outside. A voice from upstairs: “Will you shut up, morons! How much longer are you gonna fuck around, idiots? I’ll call the police!” Flat owner closes the window, approaches the table and pours herself a cup of tea. 

FLAT OWNER Ooh, I’m freezing. (To the Woman) Maybe you’d like some more tea? 

WOMAN No, thanks. I haven’t finished this cup yet. 

FLAT OWNER Why aren’t you drinking? 

WOMAN (takes a sip) Well, I just— 

FLAT OWNER Maybe you’d like some other tea? I have different flavours. 

WOMAN No, thanks a lot! (takes a sip) This one is good. 

FLAT OWNER I’ve got other flavours, I even have red tea. I also have some… mysterious tea (smiles and winks)

WOMAN No, thank you! I’m really grateful for your hospitality. 

FLAT OWNER Oh! I’ve got Milk Oolong tea! That’s its name! I’ve remembered at last. But I haven’t got any milk. 

WOMAN One doesn’t add milk to this tea. 

FLAT OWNER Oh, so you know about it? I’ve had a pack of it lying around since someone from abroad sent it to me as a gift. I’ve never tried it. Let me boil some more water and brew it for you. 

WOMAN No need, thank you. I’m not a fan of this particular tea.

FLAT OWNER (smiles testily) Well, it’s really hard to please you.  

WOMAN I’m very sorry, I didn’t mean to cause any trouble! Many thanks for the tea and for hosting me here. I just have absolutely no recollection of how I—  

WATCHER Shhhhhhh!

Several people’s footsteps can be heard from the staircase. The voices are muffled, people seem to be arguing about something. A thumping sound – like someone is hitting a sack of potatoes with a stick – and a soft groan can be heard.