Maryia Bialkovich

A BELARUSIAN А цікавыя нам свядомыя і несвядомыя рашэнні чалавека датычна яго лёсу, рашэнні, якія прымаюцца ўжо без страха смерці альбо ціску грамадзкай ганьбы, а выключна чалавекам пра самога сябе. Страшная і моцная свабода…

What we are interested in are the conscious and unconscious decisions of a person concerning their destiny; decisions that are made without fear of death, shame or pressure from society, but solely for the sake of the person making those decisions. A frightening and powerful freedom.

A UKRAINIAN (задумливо) Одне питання. Звідки ви таке знаєте?

(pensively) Just one question. How do you know all this stuff?

A BELARUSIAN (адначасова) Мужская гимназия. 

(talking at the same time as the Jew) Boarding school for boys. 

A JEW           (כולם ביחד) גימניסיית גברים.

(talking at the same time as the Belarusian) Boarding school for boys.

A UKRAINIAN (сміється) Усіх чоловіків забрали, тепер уже навіть поетів. Вперед, жінки!

(laughs) All the men have been taken away, even the poets now. Go, women, go!

A JEW   מסתבר שאת כם משוררת!

See, you’re a poet, too!

A BELARUSIAN Альбо замужам за паэтам! Стаўлю, што вы едзеце за каханым у далёкі… 

Or else, you’re married to a poet. I bet you’re following your beloved one… 

A UKRAINIAN Якщо я по коханого їду, то господарство ж тоді на кому?

Well, if I’m following my beloved one, who’s in charge of our household?

Everyone laughs.

A JEW                 קחי אותי בדרך מסתובבת,      

מכונית שחורה גדולה.

וכאשר נינה שלי תשאל אותי,

תגיד” שאחזור הביתה בעל שיבה או מת.

I’m sitting and shaking in a black shiny car,

They’re driving me somewhere untrodden and far.

And if there’s a chance, please tell Nina, my wife, 

That I am unlikely to come back alive.

They sit in silence for a while.

A UKRAINIAN Заходять є**ей, білорус та українка до ресторану…

So a Jew, a Belarusian and a Ukrainian enter a restaurant.