Maryia Bialkovich

DOCTOR (not looking at the Mother, filling out paperwork) Have a seat, please. How are you doing? 

MOTHER Ah, everything seems fine. Getting by. How are you? 

DOCTOR So far, so good. Working, as usual. A lot of work, as always. How is your family? 

MOTHER Everything seems okay. My husband is working, so he’s got our back. He now receives his salary twice a month, in installments: one is a sort of advance payment, and the rest comes later. Well, it must be the same for you?

DOCTOR Yeah, the same here. Actually, we should receive the first installment any day now. It’s fine, nothing to complain about. 

MOTHER Yes, I agree, nothing to complain about. My daughter started kindergarten this year. We like it. It’s practically right next to our house, very convenient. I stayed late at work several times, so came to pick her up late, but the kindergarten teachers weren’t angry with me or anything. They didn’t say one mean word to me, they put themselves in my place. We are really lucky with this kindergarten.

DOCTOR And my eldest son has started school already!

MOTHER No way!

DOCTOR Yeah, can you imagine? It’s his first year at school!

MOTHER So how old is he, then? 

DOCTOR He is six years and nine months old. We decided that he could start a bit earlier than the others. 

MOTHER What a big boy!

DOCTOR The kids grow so fast! 

MOTHER Tell me about it! My daughter has started kindergarten already!

DOCTOR How do you like it? 

MOTHER We’re very happy, the teachers are nice, the food is good. And it’s right next to our home!