Maryia Bialkovich

WOMAN Me? No, nothing like that ever happened to me. I guess. 

BYSTANDER You don’t remember? 

WOMAN To be honest, I… 

Car headlights illuminate the wall again. Both stop talking, crouch even lower. No figure of a man can be seen. 

BYSTANDER Maybe you happen to have water with you? 

WOMAN (examining her pockets and everything) No, sorry. I don’t have anything at all.


WOMAN How long have you been here?

BYSTANDER As I’ve said, our sense of time has changed completely. One thing is clear: it’s a bad idea to hide in a confined space without any escape routes.  

WOMAN Do you live here? 

BYSTANDER If I lived here, why would I be crouching now? 

WOMAN (smiles). Fair enough. Where do you live? 

BYSTANDER Why are you asking? (chuckles quietly) Just kidding. I’ve been living here and there. Well, used to. I love travelling. When I get out of here, I’m immediately buying a one-way ticket to some faraway place. Where would you like to be right now? 

WOMAN I don’t know. 

BYSTANDER Don’t you like to travel?

WOMAN I don’t remember. 

BYSTANDER (smiles) I understand. All past emotions have also changed. 

WOMAN No, I mean I really don’t— 

BYSTANDER You know, I’m not going to buy any ticket to anywhere. I’m just fooling myself. I’ll stay here forever.     

WOMAN Don’t say that, it’s so sad. 

BYSTANDER But it’s true.

WOMAN And dreadful. It’s so very dreadful!