Maryia Bialkovich

WOMAN So one woman was offering me tea and the other one…

MODERATOR Dear, I realize you are very confused, but this is very important. Try to remember exactly what happened. I know you’d like to forget it. (strokes Woman’s arm) But just for once, we kindly ask you to tell us about everything in as much detail as possible.

WOMAN I’m trying. The thing is… I don’t remember much. I remember only a room and three women…

MODERATOR (mumbles) Here we go again. (to the audience, smiling) Just a second. (takes the microphone aside) I assume that you had some kind of memory replacement, but according to our data, your detention didn’t involve— But if it did, we need to— Listen, let’s move on from the discussion about tea. (smiles) Just try to speak about the most difficult things openly and it will immediately become easier (strokes the Woman’s hand). Please, we’re asking you kindly (smiles).  

WOMAN I don’t know what to tell you.

MODERATOR (returns the microphone to its place) Say it into the microphone please. 

WOMAN I don’t know what to tell you.

MODERATOR Let’s help our guest with the questions. (Points to the audience) Please. 

JOURNALIST 3   Hello, I’m a journalist from another periodical. Are there any marks left on your body? Could you show them please? Thank you. 

WOMAN Sorry, show you what?

JOURNALIST 3   Any spot with marks left behind. Thank you. 

WOMAN I don’t know. I don’t have any marks. I haven’t looked yet. 

JOURNALIST 3    No marks? And you don’t remember any names? Thank you. 

WOMAN (To the Moderator) Sorry, do you have a napkin so I could put the… (points at the sandwich; Moderator shakes his head to say no). 

JOURNALIST 3   Could you at least say something about the atmosphere in there? Thank you.

WOMAN The atmosphere? The atmosphere was… It was very stuffy and then very dark. 

MODERATOR Ah, that’s something already. Keep talking. 

WOMAN There also was anticipation. And sounds. And a flashlight. 

JOURNALIST 2   What kind of sounds? Thank you.