Maryia Bialkovich

Translated into English by Darya Vashkevich, edited by Apeksha Harsh

Copyright by Maryia Bialkovich. All rights reserved.

Timelessness, anti-dialogue and an atmosphere of suspense. Any Spot with Marks Left Behind is a play that has the intonation of contemporary absurdism. The heroine finds herself in someone else’s apartment and doesn’t remember how she got there. Strange sounds out of nowhere, overly friendly hosts and uncomfortable silence. The play has two acts that are radically different: by the end, the collective unconscious is transformed into a search for self-determination. The playwright explores the origins of violence, social and personal norms that do not always reflect reality.

The play consists of 11 scenes: 39 pages.

FLAT OWNER (female)
WATCHER (female)


JOURNALIST 1  (male/female)
JOURNALIST 2  (male/female)
JOURNALIST 3 (male/female)
JOURNALIST 4 (female) 

FRIEND (male)

HE a young man speaking Belarusian 
SHE a young woman speaking Belarusian


A BELARUSIAN a man speaking Belarusian
A JEW a young man speaking Hebrew
A UKRAINIAN a woman speaking Ukrainian

DOCTOR (female)