Maryia Bialkovich

The gravel crunches, a flashlight illuminates the wall. Woman and bystander duck as low as possible to the ground. The flashlight is searching for something in the darkness. People are silent.

The light from the flashlight disappears. Footsteps on gravel move away. 

WOMAN This, too. It’s so dreadful.

BYSTANDER (talks to himself) Is it better to go now or at dawn? 

WOMAN I just want to sit here for a bit. I need to sit down. 

BYSTANDER (talks to himself) They might start coming in here.  

WOMAN Just to sit here.

BYSTANDER (talks to himself) And they won’t disappear in the light of day either. 

WOMAN I just need to stay here for a bit.

BYSTANDER (talks to himself) On the other hand, others will see me in daylight. If something happens to me, someone will see that. In the dark, no one will see anything.

WOMAN Once upon a time there was a boy, and then he vanished. Or did he exist at all?

BYSTANDER (to the Woman) Sorry? 

WOMAN I just want to stay a bit here, in safety. 

BYSTANDER In safety? (leans close to the Woman) Are you fucking nuts? 

WOMAN I don’t know. 

BYSTANDER Are you insane or what?

WOMAN (starts laughing softly) Maybe. I don’t remember anything, so I might as well just be insane. 

BYSTANDER Shhhh! You can’t just— Calm down!

WOMAN (laughs softly) Yes, probably I’m insane.

BYSTANDER You can’t have hysterics here, pull yourself together. You should act instead of being carried away by emotions. I’ve already told you that. 

WOMAN (laughs softly) But when will I be allowed to be emotional? 

BYSTANDER Listen, you definitely don’t feel well. You might throw a fit here and they’ll hear us. And then all of us will be exposed!