Maryia Bialkovich

They sit in silence for a while.

A UKRAINIAN Як ви вважаєте, ми зараз де?

Where do you think we are now?

A JEW             מנקודת מבט אקזיסטנציאלית?

From an existential point of view? 

A BELARUSIAN (Украінцы) А што вы там бачыце? 

(to the Ukrainian woman) What do you see there?

A UKRAINIAN Та поля одні, сіре все, так…

Well, it’s just fields, everything is grеy and…

A JEW לא,לא,לא, ככה לא צריך לנו. גם מבלי זה קשה! מה אתם בכלל רוצים להרוג אותנו? ספרו לנו משהו מעורר השראה.

No, no, no, no, we don’t want that. It’s hard enough as it is, are you trying to kill us? Tell us something inspiring.

A UKRAINIAN Яка ви, виявляється, романтична людина.

Oh, so you turn out to be a romantic man.

A JEW ומה אתם חשבתם?

And who did you think I am? 

A UKRAINIAN А я думала, що ви є**ей.

I thought you’re a Jew.

A JEW       אני משורר     

I’m a poet! 

A BELARUSIAN Гэта я паэт.

I’m a poet! 

A UKRAINIAN Жодного чоловіка, одні поети.

Not a single man around, just poets.

A BELARUSIAN   Проста ўсіх мужыкоў ужо адвезлі (ківае галавой, намякаючы на масавыя растрэлы), перад паэтамі.

It’s just that all the men have been taken away (nods his head, alluding to mass shootings), before the poets. 

Everyone laughs.