Maryia Bialkovich

WOMAN You have a beautiful home. 

FLAT OWNER Oh, thank you! Well, it’s just a small flat in a Soviet-era apartment. But it’s my home, yes. We tried our best to make it cozy. You know, when I moved in here, the flat was completely empty and everything stank. God, you should have seen the toilet! I got some detergents somehow… You know, it was hard to get them. There were no detergents, well, very few of them. So I diluted the detergents and cleaned everything, yeah. Made it look nice. It gave me an illusion of control in my life. (Laughs) And, oh boy, did we sing back then!


WOMAN (talking to the Watcher) Are you waiting for someone? 

WATCHER (hisses) Shhhh!

The sound of a door opening. Someone comes in, takes their clothes and shoes off, and then disappears into the depths of the flat.

WOMAN Aren’t you going to greet them?

FLAT OWNER (brushing off the question) It’s the neighbors. Maybe you want to lie down? 

WOMAN To be honest… I know how it sounds, but… To be honest, I don’t remember how I got here. 

FLAT OWNER And what do you remember? 

WOMAN (looking back at the hallway) Are you sure there’s no one there?

FLAT OWNER Absolutely no one. 

WOMAN No one just entered?

FLAT OWNER I didn’t notice anything. You were talking about your memories. 


FLAT OWNER Please drink your tea. 

WOMAN Yes, it’s very good, thanks.

FLAT OWNER Okay, stay focused. 

WOMAN On what? 

FLAT OWNER You were telling something. 

WOMAN Ah, yes (takes a sip of tea). I can just remember that there were a lot of people around.