Maryia Bialkovich

Everyone (except the Woman) laughs. Their laughter is complemented by the sitcom laugh track.

FRIEND Well, things are getting back to normal. Cheers! (holds out his mug, everyone clinks their mugs

GIRL-FRIEND (to the Sidekick) Okay, now. How do you visualize your feeling of insecurity?

SIDEKICK As a doorway.

Sitcom laugh track.

GIRL-FRIEND I visualize it as my cat. I imagine that they’re coming and starting their— Well, starting their procedures, and they’re taking my cat and doing something to her in front of me just to hurt me. Like they’re killing her to hurt me. 

SIDEKICK But they will enter through the doorway, won’t they?

Sitcom laugh track.

FRIEND (to the Woman) Are you okay? Maybe we should change the subject? 

WOMAN Actually, it’s all very interesting.

SIDEKICK Listen, maybe we should stop worrying about her so much. It’s hard for all of us. 

GIRL-FRIEND It seems someone decided to dig out his bottles — oops! — I mean, emotions. 

Sitcom laugh track.

SIDEKICK Did you know that statistically men’s biggest fear is the fear of others laughing at them?

WOMAN Women’s biggest fear is violence.

SIDEKICK And men’s biggest fear is the fear of others laughing at them!

Sitcom laugh track.

GIRL-FRIEND I don’t like this vibe. It’s not about a sense of security. 

WOMAN (to the Sidekick) I don’t quite get it, but it seems that you’re mad at me. Or what are you trying to say? 

SIDEKICK So when you went there… 

WOMAN Where? 

FRIEND (to the Sidekick) Now you’re being toxic.