Maryia Bialkovich

DOCTOR Tablets? 

MOTHER Or maybe iodine solution. I didn’t really get why we should… 

DOCTOR Well, I’m not aware about their situation in Kyiv. 

MOTHER She doesn’t live in Kyiv itself, it’s more like suburbs… 

DOCTOR Anyway, we have all those organic vegetables straight from our gardens, those are the best vitamins ever! Sorry, I still have so much to do, I would rather… 

MOTHER (calming down) Sure, I told her the same. Sorry to disturb you and thanks a lot for your time!

DOCTOR All the best to you, too! 

MOTHER (puts a chocolate bar on the table, stands up, gradually backs away towards the exit) Once again, sorry for the inconvenience! 

DOCTOR Oh, never mind! It’s just that I have so much work, or else I would… 

MOTHER Of course, of course! I understand. 

DOCTOR The weather is just perfect today!

MOTHER I can see the rain drizzling out there, but that’s okay. I really like to walk in the warm rain. 

DOCTOR Oh, those first summer rains!

MOTHER Haha, yeah. Beautiful. Thank you, once again! 

DOCTOR Well, thank you! Stay well!

MOTHER You too, you too. All the best to you! 


The Woman, Journalist and Cameraman at a room. 

WOMAN My grandmother had skin cancer. 

JOURNALIST I’m sorry to hear that.