Maryia Bialkovich

WOMAN I don’t know, to be honest.

SIDEKICK I’ll go get something (walks to the counter).

FRIEND Okay, we should probably change the subject. (To the Woman) Or do you want to talk about it?

WOMAN I don’t know, to be ho—  Do they have beer here?

Everyone (except the Woman) laughs. Their laughter is complemented by the sitcom laugh track.

SIDEKICK (comes back with a tray with four big mugs on it) Matcha latté for everybody. 

GIRL-FRIEND It’s actually MATTIA, not matcha. 

SIDEKICK Don’t you even start. 

FRIEND Thanks a lot, we are very grateful to you! She didn’t want to devalue your help. 

SIDEKICK (to the Woman) Drink your latté  and relax. It’s over now. 

FRIEND Yeah, we all can relax now (holds out his mug, everyone clinks their mugs). 

GIRL-FRIEND I still have these associations with the place. I wonder when it will be over and I’ll be able to feel secure again. 

FRIEND I look out the window and remember at once—

SIDEKICK Well, don’t look out the window. 

Sitcom laugh track.

SIDEKICK (to the Woman) I just wonder why they’ve chosen you.

FRIEND Are you jealous?

GIRL-FRIEND Jealousy is a sin!

WOMAN Amen. 

Sitcom laugh track.

FRIEND It’s an awkward silence. What do you think of the weather today? 

GIRL-FRIEND +21, feels like -37.

Sitcom laugh track.

SIDEKICK You’re being ironic, but it’s not about jealousy at all. It’s more about gender perspective.