Maryia Bialkovich

WOMAN Are you obsessed with my womanhood?

MODERATOR (strokes Woman’s arm) Let’s all calm down and try not to be rude or let our emotions overpower our minds (smiles). We are not undermining your suffering by any means, what you have been through is terrible.

JOURNALIST 2 What have you been through? 

JOURNALIST 3 What exactly have you been through?

Everyone is silent.

WOMAN I… It was really stuffy.

Everyone is silent. 

JOURNALIST 3 (to Journalist 2) This is hopeless. 

JOURNALIST 2 (to Journalist 3) Maybe it’s a psychological defence mechanism and she has really forgotten everything. 

JOURNALIST 1 (to Journalist 2) Or she’s ashamed to tell us. 

MODERATOR Well, thank you all for your interest, our press conference has come to an end.

Everyone starts to disperse. The Woman gets up and moves towards the exit. Soon she finds herself in a crowd of exiting journalists, and the crowd carries the Woman outside. She is still holding the sandwich in her hand.

JOURNALIST 4 (to the Woman) Hello, I’m another journalist, here’s my card with my email, Telegram, Whatsapp, Signal, whatever. Please email me, the world needs to know your story! (Disappears into the crowd)


The Woman is in the street, a Friend appears in front of her, takes her by the elbow and gently pulls her aside: they move towards a café. A Girl-friend and a Sidekick appear next to her. 

FRIEND This is total bullshit. How’re you?

GIRL-FRIEND (from the other side) Give me this stupid sandwich (she takes the sandwich from the Woman’s hand and throws it away). How’re you?

WOMAN I don’t know, to be honest. 

SIDEKICK (gesturing towards the café) I’ve saved us seats, just in case. 

They walk into the café together and plop down on the couch – like in a scene from a sitcom. 

GIRL-FRIEND Can I get you something? What would you like? The usual?