Maryia Bialkovich

FLAT OWNER (smiles) City celebrations, I love them so much!

WOMAN And they were walking…

FLAT OWNER How nice! Were you walking, too? 

WOMAN Yes, I was. 

FLAT OWNER (smiles) How nice!

WOMAN Then they stopped near the bus stop. 

FLAT OWNER (laughs) Well, that makes sense.  

WOMAN A girl was passing by and she handed me a flower.

FLAT OWNER (smiles)  I bet you loved the gesture. 

WOMAN No, I didn’t take the flower.  

FLAT OWNER What a shame, to refuse a flower. It’s so rude. 

WOMAN I know, but I wanted my hands to be free.

FLAT OWNER What did you have in your hands? 

WOMAN Nothing, I guess. 

FLAT OWNER Why did you refuse a flower, then? 

WATCHER I wanted to be able to run quicker.

FLAT OWNER At the bus stop?

WOMAN No, it was okay at the bus stop, we were just standing there… And then everyone screamed.

A voice from the flat above: “Stop yelling, or I’ll call the police! I’m fed up with all your noise!”

FLAT OWNER (smiles) The neighbors. So someone screamed? 

WATCHER (hisses) Shhhhhh!

FLAT OWNER So what were you screaming? 

WATCHER Don’t scream! 

A sound of someone’s footsteps. The front door opens, someone comes out of the flat.

WOMAN See, someone did come in earlier.