Vera Glavinskaya

SHE. With gems.

SOMEBODY. Are you aware that it’s not safe?

SHE. Yes. I wanted to do it aesthetically: unusual masks, unusual poses. I checked OnlyFans and saw that there is room for everyone. For those who do classic 90s porn, for those who do it with unshaven armpits, for those who do it standing up in nature.

SOMEBODY. Do what, jerk off?

SHE. No, it’s just in the middle of nature. Handjob if it’s a “premium subscription”.

SOMEBODY. What about webcams?

SHE. I didn’t want to do this.

SOMEBODY. But for three months you were figuring out how you would do it.

SHE. I thought about the aesthetics of paintings. For example, take baroque paintings and poses from there, buy velvet fabric to cover your face. Here you go–a representation of the body. What I would be called or something like that, I have never thought about it. I had colored wigs and underwear put aside. Wigs don’t hide a face, but if you put tights on it–it’s gone.

SOMEBODY. Have you tried making props?

SHE. Yes. I embroidered with beads and threads, but with tights it’s complicated, because if you take thick denier, you need to cut out holes for eyes, apply nail polish so that it doesn’t run. If it’s thick denier, you can sew it just OK. If it’s thin denier and you work with the aesthetics of thin tights, then it all looks beautiful, but you first need to put it on and only then embroider. Otherwise, if embroidered in tightened mode, it all just run then…

SOMEBODY. Enough. Why tights?

SHE. I thought about knitting, but I didn’t see anything special in coarse knitting.

SOMEBODY. How long did it take you to make your first balaclava?

SHE. About three hours. It didn’t stretch normally and when I put it on, my mouth ran, my eye ran, and it was all fucked up. Then I realized that I needed to do it on a mannequin.

SOMEBODY. Where are the props now?

SHE. I threw them all away. I put them in a bag and threw them away.

SOMEBODY. What else was in the bag?