Vera Glavinskaya

Genri (s/he) said:

Well, not to be recognized at all – just in the “male” category. Or ts. But first, buy latex shorts with a penis on Aliexpress.

AlisaW (s/he) said:

Nothing extraordinary, you know. Just a violation of the laws of all countries.

Standy (s/he) said:

Wouldn’t it be better to see a therapist instead of all of that?


SHE and GIRL sit on the bed. GIRL strokes HER head and tells a story, sometimes waving a wire magic wand in time with the words.

GIRL. When Demeter lost her daughter Persephone, she searched for her, hovering above the earth like a huge bird. All the fields under Demeter dried up, hunger and fear began, children stopped being born, grain and flowers stopped growing. The earth and women’s breasts dried up. Exhausted from the search, Demeter wandered into a distant village and sat down on a stone. And then a woman or not a woman came up to her, began to dance, play with her breasts and hips, hinting at copulation. The woman had no head, instead of eyes – nipples, instead of a mouth – a vagina. It was the goddess Baubo. Demeter smiled, and when Baubo laughed with her womb, Demeter began to laugh with her. So the mother earth Demeter and the goddess Baubo laughed. This laughter gave strength to Demeter, she continued the search for Persephone, and soon her daughter returned to her. The earth and women’s wombs were filled with life. Children began to be born again, grain and flowers grew, and everything was in abundance.

GIRL smiles. SHE smiles too and starts laughing. It’s her turn to tell the story.

SHE. Something soft glides over the surface of your lips, my lips, her lips, his lips, his mouth, deeper, to the palate, to the teeth, behind them, along the gums, into the very heart of the red, soft, wet, loose, fluttering and slippery, and then – roughness, thousands of receptors, salty, sweet, sour, bitter, fresh, the taste of mint and wine, ethyl alcohol and powder, integrity, purpose, body – further down, prickly, thousands of hairs, they all appeared yesterday, and here – rising hundred small bumps – the air is colder, the warmth of the grooves on the back of something denser with five outgrowths, they squeeze, release, there is a distance between them, back and forth. And here, upwards, along the calyx that appeared, something dense with five outgrowths and something else soft, moist, with something rough inside, come into contact with something complex, multi-component, and going inside the flesh.