Vera Glavinskaya


SHE. However I know stories of people’s libido increasing when the war started. For example, when the number of orders in lingerie showrooms increased, couriers could not keep up. And on the one hand – news, and on the other hand – panties for 30 euros and chokers.

By the way, you know it’s not legal, but it’s not banned either. A gray area. In Germany, in Poland, in Ukraine, in Russia, in Belarus, in Lithuania, in Latvia, in Estonia, in Belgium, in France, in Denmark, in Italy, in Portugal, in Uzbekistan, in Paraguay, in Georgia, in Romania, in Tajikistan, in Turkmenistan, in UAE, in Greece, in Switzerland, in Luxembourg, in Sweden, in Malta, in Serbia, in Slovenia, in Croatia, in Albania, in San Marino, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Finland, in Norway, in … As the models say, webcams are allowed in any country until they are explicitly banned. There are not many countries where it is truly legal.

The gray area for “illegal production and circulation of pornographic materials or objects”, “illegal distribution of pornography”, “illegal distribution of pornographic materials” and …


February 12, 2023, Russian-speaking webcam models’ chat. The topic of the chat is “How was the session?”.

Lyalya Brook (s/he) said:

Alas, I can only work via ‘Bongo’, English is a problem… ermm.gif

The audience is mostly Russian-speaking. I won’t say how much I earn, and there’s nothing to say. helpsmilie.gif laughing.gif

I’m not trying to nitpick or anything, just wanna find out what’s going on here, I’ve only been here for half a year …

I’m just a former marketer, I still have the habit of reducing everything to numbers, it’s clearer to me. Sorry 🙂

Advanced Member (s/he) said:

I also love numbers, I even have a math degree.

Clearer for me like that too.

But ‘Bongo’ alone is not gonna provide for you.