Vera Glavinskaya

Translated into English by Barys Kliuchnikau, edited by Apeksha Harsh

Copyright by Vera Glavinskaya. All rights reserved.

How do socio-political crises affect sexuality and libido? And the online sex industry? The play is based on the real-life story of a heroine from a post-Soviet country who dared not to enter the porn industry. Face verification in dating applications, masks in social networks, the presence of a “third eye” all form our current reality. The text explores how the camera transforms social relationships, including that of a rapist and a victim.


*Based on a documented story.


SHE is sitting in a balaclava in front of the screen, silent.

SHE. Do you love your home? No need to imagine, it’s just a question. Now my home is my body. Do you hear the beat? I love parties. Yes, at this party you decided to strangle me. It is so sexy. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, stop, eight, nine, that’s too much, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen.

Silence breaks.

Doesn’t it bother you that I’m on a pink bedspread and in front of toys? Probably all your fantasies are from American teen movies. This one, by the way, is called Munchausen. Can we play something else or do you want to play only this? Big boys sharing toys, come on, be nobler. I see you have a car behind you. Ford Focus, black body, ain’t you tired of playing these games? Very mature – you just walked out.

Closes the laptop screen. Picks up an old teddy bear.

Not all big boys have grown up. What’s in your eye?

Diligently rubs its plastic eye with a fingernail, peering into it for a long time.