Vera Glavinskaya

TEDDY BEAR. It’s a game, I can control something here. You do not know how to express aggression. I’m harmless, let’s play.

TEDDY BEAR reaches for her neck, unties its bow, and its glassy eyes begin to shine even more…

SHE. I do not want to do this. Before, I could do anything, didn’t matter with what: my hands, a belt, something else. Now I can’t imagine sex with two men. I imagine immediately…

TEDDY BEAR stops and starts laughing.

TEDDY BEAR. I’m a faggot and a plush toy. You are talking to a plush toy.

SHE continues to look somewhere at the wall, at the window, at the ceiling, into space.

TEDDY BEAR continues to laugh.

TEDDY BEAR. Gay, faggot, plush faggot…

SHE. I won’t talk to anyone. I will only speak in the presence of my lawyer. I have the right to remain silent.

SHE drops the teddy bear on the floor. He falls. He gets hurt. He loves her very much.


Medium shot video. SHE sits against a gray wall, her face is blurry.

SOMEBODY. Why didn’t you start recording right away?

SHE. I was afraid that I might like it. I don’t want to do art. They may expose me. Even on OnlyFans, accounts are sometimes hacked…

SOMEBODY. You are even here with a covered face.

SHE. Yes.

SOMEBODY. How did you see your OnlyFans at first?

SHE. I wasn’t going to have primitive sex. I mean obvious. Look, I spread my legs; see, I inserted a plug.

SOMEBODY. Did you have a plug?

SHE. Yes.

SOMEBODY. With a tail?