Vera Glavinskaya


MEMBER. Well, you’re an okay girl, could you make it cheaper at least once?

SHE. $100

MEMBER. I come to you for the third time, come on. Give alms to a passer-by!

MEMBER laughs.

SHE. This is work, not charity. For money, yes.

MEMBER. What, you can’t undress once? Will your boobs get smaller? What a fucking job it is anyways, spreading your legs!

SHE. Fine.

MEMBER. Finally! Even here it is not without foreplay.

SHE. Then let’s do it quickly.

MEMBER. That’s exactly what I’m talking about! My wife is in the store now.

SHE. I come to you and unzip your pants. The zip doesn’t work. I tear it apart.

You feel my hands.

MEMBER. Fucking awesome.

SHE. And I’m tearing off your dick.

SHE closes the chat.

SHE. Fucking faggot.

SHE writes something to site administrators. No answer.

SHE. All of you are faggots. Horny faggots. Bastards.

Out of nowhere appears A GIRL in a pink tutu with a magic wand.

A GIRL. What is a faggot?