Vera Glavinskaya

MEMBER. Good music. Continue. You play well.

SHE. Thank you, I studied at a music school.

MEMBER. Seven years?

SHE. Eight.

SHE plays to the end. MEMBER listens.

MEMBER. Play again, please.

SHE. And that’s all?


SHE plays. Tokens are pouring into her account, turning into coins of the Commonwealth. The mask of Michal Kleofas Oginski appears on the user’s face. He looks somewhere in the distance, somewhere at the wall, at the window, at the ceiling, into space.


SHE. I don’t know how it works, but for me, any cumming, any sexual contact is… When I’m naked and I’m completely open, I don’t know if I’m cumming or not, this is a situation where I completely surrender. I don’t just kiss people, I don’t date on Tinder. The second guy is my husband. The first was a rapist who worked in the police. Yes, I have been thinking about webcam for three months…

SOMEBODY. Three years… Any person can think that you are anyone who speaks Russian. Anyone can dislike you. And in the same way a person can complete the pictures. Why it is so scary then that someone will leak the footage?

SHE. This is not about what my family or teachers will say. The worst thing is that I will sit and talk, like now, and at that moment some fat man, maybe a girl, maybe a woman will sit and masturbate, they will imagine me dead in the bathroom, how the choke me, how they touch me, how they caress me, how I ask them to stop or, on the contrary, ask them to continue. And I can’t do anything about it.