Vera Glavinskaya

SHE. I repeat once again, turn off the camera. Sit down. Put your phone on the table.

SOMEBODY. I won’t. I did not do anything.

Silence. SOMEBODY puts the phone on the table. SHE picks up SOMEBODY’s phone, opens messengers and the photo gallery, takes screenshots, and sends them to herself in the messenger. Puts the phone on the table. SOMEBODY picks up the phone and starts filming HER again.

SHE. Sit down, I say. Start talking.

SOMEBODY. I won’t.


SHE. Once again, do you understand what’s going on? How many times do I have to repeat – put your fucking phone down! Should I shove it up your ass? I will not repeat. Sit down, I said, and let’s work for the camera.

SHE abruptly takes away SOMEBODY’S phone. SOMEBODY stops talking and slowly sits down on chair. SHE moves away and starts filming SOMEBODY. The GIRL appears out of nowhere and begins to dance, her pink tutu moving erratically in space. SHE smiles, and passes the phone to the girl. SHE laughs and dances.