Vera Glavinskaya

SHE. For me, sex is not about the ‘physical’, but about the magic and in the moment.

SOMEBODY. In webcams, it is not necessary to sit on a dildo.

SHE. Yes.

SOMEBODY. Speaking the truth, in webcams, you don’t even have to get naked. You can just talk.

SHE. Yes.

SOMEBODY. In underwear, for example.

SHE. Yes. You can play the pipe, doesn’t matter what you do.


She connects to the live.

MEMBER. The synthesizer, what is it for?

SHE. Sometimes I play.

MEMBER. Play something.

SHE. Double price.


SHE. Where are you now?

MEMBER. I am in Warsaw.

SHE. Where is your home now?

MEMBER is silent. SHE starts playing Farewell to My Homeland by Michal Kleofas Oginski. Polonaise in A Minor, which the composer, according to one of the theories, wrote back in 1794, on leaving the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth1. A year later, the Commonwealth also was left by its last king, Stanislaw II August Poniatowski, who signed the act of abdication on the name day of the Russian Empress Catherine the Great. The territories of the Commonwealth passed to the Russian Empire. How do you write the word empire? Is it a capital letter? Google says that it’s not.

1 Exactly, in the Zalesie region which was then part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, today the territory of Belarus. /Here and after noted by the project authors./