Vera Glavinskaya


SOMEBODY is sitting in front of a screen in a typical small middle-class apartment. SOMEBODY smiles lazily and sleepily stretches own’s hands. On the other side of the screen is SHE.

SHE. I’m scared.

SOMEBODY. Is the girl scared? Be patient, you will have to work.

SHE. I don’t feel my hands.

SOMEBODY. You will work with your mouth. Show me how you can open your mouth.


SOMEBODY. That’s right, good.


Okay, I’ll loosen the ropes. Show me how you can work with your hand. Come on, you dirty bitch, show me.

Like this, yeah. Now two hands. Faster if you don’t want your hands to hurt even more.


SHE. Do you want me?

SOMEBODY. Come on, show me what else you can do.

Silence. SOMEBODY hears the door open. Strange, SOMEBODY closed it for sure. SOMEBODY starts to worry, SOMEBODY hasn’t been expecting anyone. SOMEBODY turns and sees HER in a balaclava walking into the room.

SHE. You have entered the wrong chat.

SOMEBODY. What? How did you get here?

SHE. Let’s go.

SOMEBODY. Are you completely fucking crazy? I have paid! I’ve paid to fuck you, slut!

SHE. Let’s go.