Vera Glavinskaya

SHE. Dildo, clamps.

SOMEBODY. Did you have to interact with the dildo?

SHE. Yes.

SOMEBODY. What did it look like?

SHE. I chose convenience. A classic one that can be attached because it has a suction cup and is medium-sized. Visually, it looks quite natural. I thought that if it was not declared as a dildo and used as a photo on OnlyFans, then one could imagine I was interacting with a man.

SOMEBODY. Which alternatives were not suitable?

SHE. Pink, gel, transparent, with sparkles – everything that looked unnatural. I needed an “academic” dildo to go with everything. Not a corn toy or anything.

SOMEBODY. What is a corn toy?

SHE. It looks like a corn toy.

An awkward silence.

SOMEBODY. What was in the bag besides pantyhose and a dildo?

SHE. There were clamps, garter belts, white stockings, black stockings.

SOMEBODY. Was it bought on purpose?

SHE. No. Kinda, I will buy it for myself and use it with a guy. I’m not going on a webcam, I’m just thinking about it. But then I saw a mesh suit on discount–it was fucking great. It was all collected after the elections.

SOMEBODY. What color was your first balaclava?

SHE. Black.


MEMBER. Are you an athlete?

SHE. No.

MEMBER. Why is your face covered then?

SHE. I completely forgot about it, I went skiing today. But I’m not an athlete.