Vera Glavinskaya

MEMBER. Put on a sports jacket.

SHE gets up from the table and puts on her jacket. SHE is in lounge pants.

MEMBER. Do you go there often?

SHE. When it snows, I try to find some kind of slope near the city.

MEMBER. Who taught you?

SHE. I often went skiing with my parents when I was a child. You know, such a cold, cold winter, a lot of snow, you can’t see anything, and then you go up on the lift, music plays from the speakers. You drink hot chocolate and go down the slope again.

SHE is thoughtfully smiling. SHE is remembering.

MEMBER. What did you do after that?

SHE. Then we went to a sauna in the sports complex. Steamed, swam in a small pool, washed ourselves. Ate homemade food that my mother packed in a bag. Drank mineral water and tea from a thermos.

MEMBER. Were you naked?

SHE. I was small, I didn’t need a bathing suit.

MEMBER. Was dad naked too?

SHE. No, dad wore swimming trunks.


MEMBER. Dad wants to take them off. Thank your daddy for such a wonderful day, will you show how well you can wash yourself.


A fashion fair in the city center where you can buy local brands. Women are crowding near one of the stands, among them, a girl of about twelve in a pink tutu is running around. From time to time, she waves her magic wand which has a star made of gold wire. A master class on making a balaclava from tights is held at the stand.

1. Choose the size of the tights, and decide on their thickness and color. It is better to take the largest size so that the balaclava does not squeeze the face. Thickness – 15, 30, 40 denier will affect the transparency of the balaclava.

2. Jersey fabric is used as a base: panties – they have additional thickness. You need to cut off the legs under the gusset. It is better to retreat 10 cm from the gusset to hide the two holes that appear. If you need ears on a balaclava, then the indentation can be equal to the length of the ears to the stockings.