Vera Glavinskaya

3. The edges must be fixed with nail polish so that the product does not run. Transparent one is suitable for a classic balaclava, all other combinations are up to your artistic taste.

4. Put on a balaclava, and mark with dots where you need to make holes for the eyes and lips. Cut no more than 1 cm – everything is right on the face or mannequin, the fabric must be stretched. At this stage, it is important to carefully go through the form with scissors or other objects, widening the holes so as not to create too large cuts. Fix the holes with nail polish.

5. Let the balaclava dry in a taut state – on the face or mannequin. Remember that varnish vapors can cause damage to the central nervous system and result in reproductive dysfunction.

6. The finished balaclava can be decorated with beads, colored threads, nylon or fluorescent paints, varnish, and glue-based rhinestones. It is better not to use glue, the mesh of tights can run or become stiff.

7. Find a use for your balaclava and enjoy.

A girl in a pink tutu is dancing, chaotically waving a magic wand, smiling for a long time at the camera of a random passerby. On the girl’s head there is a balaclava with rhinestones. Tired of dancing, she pulls on the trouser leg of a woman standing next to her.

GIRL. Look how I shine! Well, look, a man filmed it.

The GIRL turns around to look for the man with a phone, but he has disappeared into the crowd.


SHE. The first proposal came after the revolution. The thing was that I understood the risk: I have tattoos on my arms. I understood that they could recognize me because of tattoos, because of moles in certain places. I mean even if I cover my eyes, I can be recognized. If I post a photo with a bare navel on Instagram – they will figure it out right away. Therefore, I thought about a suit that would cover the most obvious places. A tattoo can be covered up, moles can be covered with some kind of ropes or ribbons, differently colored balaclavas can be made for the head, sheathed with beads, sequins, or made of leather, mesh, sheathed with papier-mâché…very artsy. Very artsy and surrealistic.

SHE turns around and looks at someone behind her.