Vera Glavinskaya

SHE 1. Does your family still have a house?

SHE. Now my home is my body.

SHE 1. Then dance. Dansez-vous! That’s what we’re here for.

SHE and SHE 1 continue dancing.


September 4, 2022, webcam models’ forum. The name of the chat is “Girls, do you change your appearance during work?”

Brussels (s/he) said:

I have acquaintances in many places abroad…i.e. blocking all these countries is not an option. But I want to be a webcam model, so I’m considering such options as wigs, false lips, noses, a carnival mask (sold in a sex shop), tons of toner on my face, gloss over moles … well, something like that. Maybe there is something else that can change your appearance, how do you do that?

DollGlamour (s/he) said:

Facial fillers, botox..:D

Awards (s/he) said:

Carnival mask, forged passport…

Maybe it’s better to register and put another person in your place instead and let him work?

Why do you need all these fears?

Brussels (s/he) said:

Fears are justified … well, yes, a forged passport… and what’s wrong with that? Why should I show mine?

AlisaW (s/he) said:

Trolling again xD

Max (s/he) said:

The answer to “I am considering such options as wigs, false lips, noses, carnival masks”

It will look gorgeous!