Vera Glavinskaya

SHE keeps silent.

SHE. It was a potential money-making suit. At first, I thought I could sell it. But then I imagined that the person would not know anything about this story, and would also become dirty. I didn’t even wear them.

SOMEBODY. Respectable girls do not go out without underwear.

SHE. I am just learning. You can take me to mass with you.


October 4, 2021, Russian-language webcam models’ site. The topic of the chat is “About weight loss and its ilk.”

Love_Love (s/he) said:

I already wrote about that. Marva Oganyan’s system. She has put it quite simply – why you need lemon, honey, and herbal infusion during the fasting period.

Stivy (s/he) said:

What kind of problem is that? When I am depressed, I cannot eat for a month and my head does not hurt. Only my soul.

DollGlamour (s/he) said:

I will have something to watch in the evening after a hard day. Definitely will, I like the interviewer. She has such hair: x

xGlamourx (s/he) said:

Watch her interview with Olga Vasilenko and about Sexual Education of Children! Mindblowing!

Rikki (s/he) said:

For two days I have been counting everything in the application, the first day was very sad. Already at lunchtime, the “limit” of calories was reached, but okay, I made it. Yesterday was easier. I also want to add lymphatic drainage massage, but I don’t know whether to do it right away or when I lose 2-3 kg.