Vlada Khmel

W1: that summer the club was closed for renovation. 

W2: what?

W1: that summer before Sasha’s birth the club was closed for renovation.

W2: i clearly remember that summer the disco was there.

W1: …

W2: but maybe, i’m wrong.  

W1: …

W2: yes, i must be wrong. 

W1: …

W2: well, wherever it was, –

W1: it was in the park. that summer the disco was in the park.

W2: so the park be it, thanks, but that’s not what the story is about, i just wanted to tell-

W1: well, if you start telling things, then –

W2: …just wanted to tell how i met a girl with a pram and thought she was an idiot, that’s it. 


W2: and sasha is such an unruly child, honestly, she’s just crazy. i have to constantly keep an eye on her, she keeps disappearing, doing things, sticking her nose everywhere… i don’t know, like a boy. i mean, 11 years old, big girl already. so i call her from the balcony, i yell and yell, no reaction, can’t see her anywhere. and it’s late, way past 9, it’s getting dark, she’s only allowed to be in the yard till 8:30. so i go out to look for her. my hands are shaking, i imagine what a bashing i’m gonna give her once i find her. on her ass. with a belt. i’ll pull her home by the arms, and then give her a good bashing. with a belt.