Vlada Khmel


W2: oh.

W1: do you realize what consequences arise from geriatric pregnancy? do you want a faulty child? you know what it’s like to give birth at 30? 

W2: do you know what it’s like not to give birth at 20?

W1 and W2 stare at each other. W2 turns her side towards W1. W1 remains in the same position, a few seconds after, turns too. W1 stands up, pours a glass of water. she talks, and pours, pours, pours.

W1: when Sasha died i thought i’d die too. they were trying to prepare us, of course, but then snap – and she dies… so, i already knew back then, i knew that everyone dies on me, so when she died, i thought, that’s it, there’ll be no one else, i won’t let them. i won’t let anyone else die on me. 

W2: and my father?

W1 stops pouring water.

W1: that was two years after his death. 

W2: oh.

pause. W1 sits.

W1: two years after he died, your father. 

W2: i got it.

W1: fine.

W2: what was he like?

W1: you don’t remember him at all? 

W2: it was two years after his death. 

W1: oh.

W2: right.

W1: and who cares what he was like? 

W2: well… maybe he was worthless anyways.

W1: handsome.

W2 turns to w1.

W1: and strong.

W2: handsome and strong.

W1: yes. and so. caring. hardworking. 

W2: handsome, strong and caring.

W1: right.

W2: right.

W1: why do you keep repeating after me? 

W2: me? well i –