Vlada Khmel

W2 turns around.

W2: i wasn’t even born then and he’d been dead for two years.

W1: right.

W2: um…

W2 turns around.

W2: right.

long pause.

W1: when i was in labor for the second time, with nastia, i kept thinking that no one was going to die on me anymore, no one was going to die, no one was going to die, no one. i just knew it, no one was going to die. i just knew it and that’s it. 

and no one died.  

pause, W1 is smiling.

W1: Sasha. Sasha darling. Sa-sha. are you asleep? alright, sleep.

hush-a-bye-bye sleep tight

don’t let the bedbugs bite 

or a little gray wolf will come 

his sharp teeth will hurt you some

hush-a-bye-bye sleep tight

sasha’s very tired tonight

she’s been playing all day long

now falls asleep to my lullaby song

sleep, sleep.

sleep my dear, sleep honey, sleep. 

they say you’re not going to wake up. and i think they just don’t understand. i think they just don’t know what love is, sasha dear, they’re all in those white robes, gloves, masks, glasses, what do they know about love, how can they feel it? but it will save you, sasha. 

now i’ll hold you tight, and my love will save you. 

W1 embraces herself, holding herself in her arms, very tight, with all of her might. shuts her eyes tightly. stops breathing.

that’s it.