Vlada Khmel

the term of pregnancy may vary for different mammals from several days to several years. for example, the elephants’ pregnancy lasts for about 2 years, while that of long-nosed bandicoots or possums – for 12-13 days. 

the normal pregnancy term for human species is about 38 weeks (or 40 weeks of the so called obstetric gestational stage, counted from the beginning of the last menstruation).  

W2: i have met a man. 

W1: a man?

W2: he’s 34. 

W1: thir-

W2: he’s not married, no kids, nothing like that.

W1: well, it’s okay he’s older, people live with even greater age differences. it’s alright.  

W2: alright.

W1: alright.

W1 turns to W2, stares. W2 turns to W1

W2: and what’s alright?

W1: nothing, everything is alright, i mean. 34, no kids. alright.

W2: no, what do you mean by “alright”? what is alright, exactly?

W1: i mean, he’s alright, how you’ve called him there. the man.

W2: i’m not planning to marry him.

W1: you’re not planning to marry him.

W2: i’m not planning to marry him.

W1: oh.


W2: though maybe i will. 

W1: how old are you?

W2: 25.

W1: say that again? 

W2: i am 25 years old.

W1: so you’re totally sane, right?

W2: uh-huh.

W1: i mean, you understand, i mean, you, right here, you understand, everything is alright? 

W2: i am 25 and maybe i’m going to marry, or maybe i’m not. everything is alright.

W1: you’re 25 years old!

W2: i am 25 years old, i am totally sane. 

W1: you could at least think about the kids. 

W2: he has no kids.

W1: your kids, stupid.

W2: waaaait, i’m starting to think you’re the one who’s insane, because you know perfectly well that i have no kids.