Vlada Khmel


W2: so what, had enough of roaming?


W2: must have been tired on saturday, huh?


W2: must have been busy, i guess.


W1: what’s going on?


W2: you were in Rome.

long pause, both women staring at each other. 

W1: i want to know what’s going on.

W2: think about it.

W1: no, what’s going on?

W2: no, you think about it.

W1: i’m trying, but as you can see, i am failing at that too, so i really want you to tell me: what is going on. 

W2: so tired, aren’t you? 

W1: …

W2: roaming is not like taking out bedpans.  

W1: ..

W2: really, what else am I here for, if not to keep your promises?

W1: what is going on?

W2: oh, why are you like that, everything’s alright. go have fun, get some air, have some rest, you’re somehow nervous today, be careful, could end up in hospital like that, all the diseases, they’re from stress, you know, and exhaustion, gotta take care of yourself. 

pause, women stare at each other again.

W1: if you’re done here, i’m leaving. W2: are you for real?

W1: …

W2: i mean if you’re leaving just like you’d gone to see Svetlana Igorevna last saturday, i’m not stopping you. 

W1: i didn’t see Svetlana Igorevna on saturday.