Vlada Khmel


honestly, i didn’t want to marry him at all.

W2 turns to W1.

and if you want the whole truth, i didn’t want children either.

W1 turns to W2.

W1: hold the broom properly

W2: …?

W1: turn the broom over

W2: why?

W1: you’re just scattering the dirt. turn over the fucking broom! give it to me!

W2 turns her side on W1.

W2: When you’ve been using a broom for a long time, you know, it bends like that on the end, well, like this (shows with her hands, how exactly) – that’s because you’re sweeping in the same direction all the time. And then when you sweep with that bended end in the opposite direction, it catches the dirt better, it works best on carpets, you know, because a lot of stuff gets stuck in the pile, you know, deep inside. So first you have to go like that, against that bend, to get all the dirt out, and then go over it again with the proper side, holding the broom like this, properly, so it moves along that bend, you see. Then it’s all clean. And if you don’t do that, then it just looks nice. But all the dirt stays in. 

W1 turns side on W2. waits. then talks.

W1: pregnancy is a biological state of animals, characteristic of female species of placental and marsupial mammals. this state is caused by conception of new species and represents a process of bearing offspring inside a female’s body. the successful period of pregnancy is followed by labor. 

pregnancy may occur both as a result of natural impregnation and artificial impregnation, as well as a result of implantation of an impregnated egg by means of extracorporeal insemination.